March 2, 2024 // 9am-4pm ct
McCook Christian Church

Registration Closes February 22 at Midnight.

Radiate exists to encourage women to find peace, purpose and a profound connection.

Daily demands, culture and comparison dull our light.  Radiate exists to encourage women to seek His light, so we can radiate His love to others. We were made to be the salt and the light, to our families, friends, spouses, co workers and community members. The world and culture tends to dull our light and lets us fall into the valleys of busyness, comparison, despair, depression, anxiety, lost identity, and the unending to do list and others constantly needing you.  God has a special purpose just for you. We want you to find HIS light, soak in light and come away renewed and encouraged to be a light to all those around you.

You are seen. You are loved. You are worthy. We were made for community not competition.

Join us at MCC to gather with women of all generations to help uplift, encourage and light a fire in each one of us to love and share Jesus in our everyday lives.

Meet Our Speaker: Stefanie Rowe

Stefanie Rowe lives in Elkhorn, NE, with her husband Dave, and her boys Dekker and Tucker.

She graduated in 2000 from McCook High School, 2004 from UNL and in 2006 from UNO with a Masters in Community Counseling and now owns her own small counseling practice.  

Known for practical Biblical application with a side of humor, Stefanie serves on the teaching team and elder board at StoneBridge Christian Church in Omaha, and volunteers with her Labradoodle, Willow, through Love on a Leash.

Break Out Descriptions

Mental Health - How do I support a loved one or community member who is struggling with mental health challenges? This is one of the most common questions Stefanie gets, and she has responded wit hthis talk aimed at helping faith communities and community organizations navigate what can be a tricky and complicated answer.  Stefanie's Helped, Heard, Hugged talk includes: Things we know that are true about mental health, like that it's complicated, common, and that it interacts with our faith. Examples in scripture and in daily life of supporting those we love with a hug, by listening, and by helping them. Uncommon empathy and sincere passion wrapped around 20 years of walking with families, colleagues, friends and others who love someone with a mental health illness.
Self Care + Wellness - We were made to be the salt and the light, to our families, friends, spouses, co workers and community members, yet the world and culture tends to dull our light. Use this interactive breakout session with Alexander Wellness Co., Jerrel Alexander, board certified health and wellness coach and holistic nurse to explore how living intentionally can brighten you once again. We will explore what dulls your light, what’s getting your attention, and discover places you are ready to make a change to shine well again. 
Miscarriage + Infertility -
Prayer Room -  
Build Your Own Bouquet -
Choose from an assortment of flowers to create your own floral bouquet.
Sound Bath - 
A sound bath is an immersive relaxing experience in a quiet and dimly lit room. While lying down in a comfortable position with eyes closed, you will be guided through relaxing breath work and meditation followed by gentle sounds from quartz crystal singing bowls. The vibration of the bowls helps keep you in a relaxing meditative state as well as down-regulating your nervous system to reduce stress. 
Honoring Your Spouse - 
Flourishing faithfulness by cultivating oneness throughout the seasons of marriage. 
Aging Parents -
During this session, we will discuss home health, hospice, aging parents (all encompassing), grief, bereavement, self-care and all that goes with that.
Using Your Past & Present to Let God Shape Your Future -