We Are One (Unity)

Clark Bates


Description:Join us for a sermon series outlining the Basic Beliefs that serve as the foundation for McCook Christian Church. What does it mean that we are a "Christian" Church? What is a "Restoration Movement" Church? Get the answers to all of these questions and more in our Basic Beliefs series. Today Clark discusses Unity as a foundational belief and also gives an excellent concise history of the Restoration Movement.

Before the Vote

Clark Bates & Kyle Dellevoet


Description:This is a short message Clark and Kyle shared before the recent congregational meeting to address the building remodel and the ministry transition.

Saturated Early Service

Kyle Dellevoet


Description:This is the early service sermon audio from October 2nd 2016 it includes and announcement from Don Moore and and an announcement abuot Perspectives from Brent & Loretta Hauxwell.

Saturated Late Service

Kyle Dellevoet


Description:The late service message from October 2nd 2016. This audio includes an announcment from Don Moore and and announcement about the upcoming perspectives class. To register for perspectives click the link on the front page of the website.

Creating God in Our Own Image

Kyle Dellevoet


Description:There is a video that is cut from the sermon at approximately 11 minutes and 30 seconds. We excluded it for licensing reasons but you can watch it on youtube. Just search prayer scene in Talladega Nights on Youtube. Just make sure you watch an edited for church version.